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Not just scrap wood

I love wood. My shed’s always full of it. Mainly scrap; off-cuts from DIY projects, odds and sods friends have given me and bits acquired from skips and various other places. Wood always comes in useful for something or other.

From CLS to scaffold boards and pallet board to railway sleepers, I see a bit of art waiting to happen. Using basic tools, I saw, carve, shape, sand, paint or stain and varnish my wood to create something different.


Each sign and plaque is numbered, signed and dated (month and year). On most items I also leave an area of the original wood exposed, but out of sight, so you can see a bit of what it once was.

Every piece will be unique to you, but words are made to be shared with everyone, so some may be used more than once.

All other artwork is dated and signed.

Tamas Miklos Fulep

Tamas Miklos Fulep

My business is also my hobby. I do it for pleasure, leisure and a few shillings.


I’ve drawn, painted and made stuff from as far back as I can remember. Over the past sixty years or so, I developed those abilities by trial and error to become an artistic Jack of many trades.


From the simple pencil drawings I scribbled as a child, I taught myself to cartoon, paint, anything from portraits to murals, sign write, design logos, create digital graphics and all sorts of stuff. The skills I learnt allowed me to set up businesses that sold my work locally, nationally and globally. 


These days though, all I want is to potter away in my workshop creating things that make people smile. 


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Please note, I don't do commissions.

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