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Marylin Monroe Mural

Tamás Miklós Fülep

I paint by eye, like a musician plays by ear. We’re just able to do it.


I am lucky to be born with a gift. A talent that has helped me get through life doing what I enjoy. Since the 1960s, my art has entertained, delighted, amazed, brought tears and even created controversy.    


Over my years, I have painted dozens of murals and portraits, drawn hundreds of cartoons, designed ads, flyers, board games and logos, illustrated books and created thousands of digital images and animations. My work has covered numerous subjects from humour to religion.

For nearly forty years, my gift has taken me into freelancing, publishing, merchandising and licensing.


There isn’t a style or technique to my work and I don’t have any real knowledge or even an education in art. Everything I have done has pretty much been off the cuff and learned along the way, just as it is today. I wouldn’t consider myself skilled in anything, but I am experienced in many. A bit of a creative Jack of all Trades, but master of none.


My studio is a poorly lit, leaky and draughty old asbestos garage. So cold in the winter, at times I can barely hold a brush or chisel. I have deteriorating eyesight and either need to be six inches or six feet away from whatever I’m doing. Consequently, my work has flaws. I leave blobs of paint, streaks, rough cuts and bits of DNA everywhere. But stand back and you are faced with something that stands out.


I like doing what I think is cool stuff. Art that looks good anywhere needing a bit of cool. Your home, man cave, bar, club or maybe restaurant, wherever. Somewhere where cool art deserves to be cool.

Curriculum vitae

    Please note, I don't do commissions.

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