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Tamas Miklos Fulep

Tamás Miklós Fülep

I was lucky to be born with a gift. A natural talent that has helped me get through life doing what I enjoy. Since the 1960s, my art has entertained, delighted, amazed, brought tears and even created controversy.    


I have painted dozens of murals and portraits, drawn hundreds of cartoons, designed ads, flyers and logos, illustrated books and created thousands of digital images, covering numerous subjects from adult humour to religion.

For nearly forty years, my gift has taken me into freelancing, publishing, merchandising and licensing. Fulep art has been seen by millions around the world.


I don’t have a style, technique or even an education in art. Everything I have done has pretty much been off the cuff and learned along the way.

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Please note, I don't do commissions.

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